Why Buy Locally?

Why Buy Locally

Simply put, buying locally keeps your money circulating in our local economy – the place where you shop, you work, your kids go to school, and you frequent for relaxation and community. It saves resources and it keeps costs down for everyone. It also brings many people into greater financial equity as small business are supported by more and more neighbors.

Buying locally isn’t just a marketing scheme – we’ve proven it works! One of the first things ALBA did upon creation in 2002 was hire a local firm called Civic Economics to provide an Economic Impact Analysis on Local Merchants vs. Chain Retailers. At the time it showed that $45 of $100 spent at a local merchant stays in the local economy vs. $13 of $100 spent at a chain. This is a massive amount of investment into local labor, local tax base, and your actual neighbors.

You can find current calculations – usually even higher than the 2002 number for local merchants – at Independent We Stand powered by the Stihl Co.

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