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About ALBA

The Austin Local Business Alliance (ALBA)  is a 501(c)(6) Chamber of Commerce with a mission to amplify the voice of Austin’s locally-owned businesses through advocacy, promotion to the public, education, and a peer network that supports our members through their business lifecycle.

Why does this matter to you?

If You're a Consumer

You can be guaranteed that all the members you find in our listings are locally-owned.  They drive the same roads and experience the same weather.  They pay into the same tax base as you.  They send their kids to the same schools as you. And a lot of times you can walk in and meet them working in their businesses. 

Local Businesses

You can be sure you’re joining an alliance that’s thinking of all the things that matter to you:  how do you grow and thrive in this booming metropolis, how does your voice get heard by the decision-makers at all government levels, and how do you navigate a swiftly changing world, including your own personal questions of succession and retirement. 

All of these things matter to us here in Austin as they affect us all. 

For 20+ years ALBA (Formerly Austin Independent Business Alliance) has been having these conversations and solving these problems. 

When the question of ‘why buy local’ came up, we hired a firm to prove that you keep 25-45% more of your money flowing into the local economy (not extracted by larger or out of area corporations) which feeds into our commons and our shared natural treasures. 

When the City of Austin (CoA) didn’t know how to help small businesses we came up with a Local Business Manifesto that outlined twelve ways they can ease entry and survival as a business in Austin.  The CoA has implemented these findings over the last decade. 

And when we realized that shared promotions could help the smallest of our neighbors we invented the Independent Business Investment Zone (IBIZ) program that funded 14 walkable districts over 15 years through CoA’s Economic Development Department. 

ALBA is a proven ally to local businesses that has never wavered in it’s promise to promote local, live local and love local.  

“At their very best, associations are where the like-minded can band together and speak truth to power a with a single, unified voice. At their very best, associations are where…the biggest problems are solved. At their very best, associations are where…an industry or profession can gain the trust of the public and do good for society.”
Michael Reed
Michael Reed
Block & Reed Association Advisors

Our goal is to be the Best Little Chamber in Austin! Our Vision is a thriving ecosystem of Austin businesses, with ‘the littles’ and ‘the bigs’ supporting each other through growth and change.

As an Organization We Value

Adventurousness & courageousness

Human-centered decision making

Inclusive policies

Austin-region businesses

When you deal with ALBA each representative agrees to be:

  • Passionate
  • Honest
  • Have a heart of service
  • Focused on Fun

AIBA is a strong advocate for local business at City Hall and beyond. Read more about our advocacy work.