The HT Group

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Austin, aka the Silicon Hills, is a great place for tech industry professionals to live and work. The HT Group, one of Texas’ top staffing agencies, is thriving in the current candidate’s market. If you are looking to hire the best, or searching for your dream job in or out of tech, the HT Group is the recruiting partner you want on your side.

With offices in Austin, Beaumont, and Orange, the HT Group is a multi-solution employment agency that has been top-ranked by the Austin Business Journal for over a decade, and recognized by Forbes as one of two staffing firms in Austin to be listed as of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. Over the past year, the staffing agency has put several new processes in place to help grow its Technical team. The effort has paid off. The group has since doubled in size, staff- and income-wise, and is proud of the work it has done for its clients in 2017, the company’s best year ever.

Jayson Spaits, Director of the HT Group’s Technical Staffing Services Division, said, “New technologies are coming online at a fast pace, which means we have new specializations and niche clients to serve. We are focusing on emerging markets, finding talent and filling positions in DevOps, full stack developing, blockchain, and IoT. The market has really changed over the past three years. Now, there is lot more opportunity in Austin to find a wide diversity of positions.”

Spaits moved to Austin after working in Dallas because he wanted to help established and up-and-coming companies and candidates find their place among the diverse opportunities they are afforded here. He said, “The market in Dallas is more focused on older technologies. Tech companies in Austin, on the other hand, are always striving to be on the edge of a new technology. They are pushing the boundaries of tech all over the place. Here, you can get in on the ground floor of something special. Austin is the future. It’s where it’s at. It’s got a better tech vibe, for sure.”

He explains that Dallas is very mid-market driven, basically founded on start-ups with funding. Austin, conversely, has a range of huge tech innovators, including Dell, Apple, and Google, as well as a spate of start-ups looking to disrupt markets and create real change. Spaits said, “The philosophy on the tech side of staffing has changed significantly. There has been a real shift from being primarily client-driven to being much more of a candidate’s market.”

Recruiting processes have changed within this candidate’s market to keep up with the many emerging technologies. “We like to focus on candidates and companies who are trying to grow something,” Spaits said. “In that environment, given the new specializations and niche clients, such as those focusing on cybersecurity, for example, it’s important to remember that companies know how a potential candidate thinks. They are willing to train someone in emerging tech as long as they know that the candidate can adapt and learn quickly. It’s the difference between learned knowledge and application knowledge. Because older skillsets are dying out, it’s critical from a recruiting standpoint to staff the most cutting edge technologies. That’s the most challenging, and it’s where we can make the most impact.”

The HT Group has adapted to keep up with the new tech that continues to emerge and change. But their guiding principle has remained the same. Spaits said, “I embrace the HT way because we really want to help people. I’m not just here to staff. It’s a big win if we can place talent where they can create a new, successful app or technology and grow and sell that. We want to help companies grow. By placing the right talent there, we can do that.” The HT Group CEO, Mark Turpin said, “We are excited by the growth of our technical staffing division under Jayson. Austin is the center of tech activity in Texas and a great place for us to grow the business.”

Visit The HT Group at 7718 Wood Hollow Dr., Suite 100, 512-533-9700 or