City of Austin Development Services Department Partners with Austin 311

Anyone who has used Austin 3-1-1, the City of Austin’s one call for information and answers, knows how effective the resource is. Staffed by a knowledgable crew, we’ve found them to be exremely helpful. Often, when members contact AIBA about a question or issue, we refer them to 3-1-1 because it’s the quickest way to find what you need.
Over the past few months, 3-1-1 has met with the Development Services Department (DSD) to learn about the services provided, and have undergone extensive training in navigating the DSD website and online tools to learn where to find information for the customer and how to direct customers to find information in the future. In September 2018, 3-1-1 became the primary point of contact for all calls to the DSD. Callers dialing DSD’s primary phone number, 512-978-4000, are automatically routed to 3-1-1 Ambassadors who will provide immediate, responsive and quality customer service to DSD customers seeking assistance and guidance 24/7, including holidays.
Along with improved customer service, this partnership will also:
·      Support continuous service in the event of a City shutdown due to inclement weather
·      Provide a memorable phone number for DSD customers to easily remember
·      Track the rate of responsiveness to customer inquiries
·      Track types of calls and frequently asked questions, which will help in improving DSD’s service levels.
If the requested information is not available or rises to a technical level, 3-1-1 will generate a Service Request routed to DSD Customer Service Representatives. Each request will be assigned a tracking number, which the customer can use to recall their request if they have follow-up questions and view their request status online at
DSD is a partner of AIBA which allows us a closer relationship to work together and help local business. This is just one of many improvements coming you way!