UT Design Thinking Workshop

Design thinking sounds fun, but what can it really do for me?
After a great launch in 2019, UT Austin’s Human Dimensions of Organizations & School of Design and Creative Technologies are teaming up again to host two new design thinking workshops in 2020.
Design thinking is an ideal framework for any professional who wants to create desirable innovative solutions by turning ideas into action, and to empower creativity and collaboration in any team.
Our three-day workshops are collaborative efforts between UT Austin’s Human Dimensions of Organizations program and the School of Design and Creative Technologies.
Learning new skills, or upskilling, is essential to excelling in today’s workplace. The problems we encounter in our professional lives—losing customers, broken processes, products that don’t have the impact we hope—need creative, innovative solutions if our organizations are to stay relevant.
The same holds true for our more complex social issues – poverty, healthcare, education, and the environment. Design thinking offers ways to upskill so that you can develop creative solutions to the problems you care most about.
Join us at an upcoming workshop and engage the power of design thinking. Learn More and Save Your Spot.