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Unconventional Austin Turns in Petitions

AIBA has endorsed the petition created by Unconventional Austin to require a vote on the expansion of the Convention Center and to reallocate some of the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) revenue to support music, arts, parks and local businesses (Read more about our support). The issue at had is not whether to expand the Convention Center or not, but rather should the public have a vote on expansion and should the HOT revenue be allocated in a different way. The distribution of Hot revenue to support the things tourists really come here for is more in alignment with other cities in Texas.  Whether you are for or against expansion, you should have the right to vote.
Bill Bunch, director of SOS Alliance, met supporters at City Hall today to submit 30,000 signatures to place this issue on the November ballot.
Now work begins to educate people and to get out the vote. Unconventional AUstin has post cards and posters. If you would like some of these for your business, please let me know,