Team(work?): The Pros and Cons of Working in Teams (Webinar)

Webinar Leader: Mary Rose, PhD
Webinar Date: March 4, 2020; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CDT
Most of us can probably think of examples in which working with others led to great insights and helped our motivation. But we can probably also recall some counter-examples, in which we felt as if other people got in the way of clear thinking, made us inefficient, or we felt unfairly saddled with the work of others who were not performing.
In this webinar, Dr. Mary Rose will review the social psychological science on group effects. Under what circumstances do we perform better in the presence of others, and when do groups get in our way? Are some tasks better suited than others to teamwork? The discussion will ultimately point to some practical questions to ask about whether team efforts will likely help or hurt in getting work done.
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