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Update on the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

I am writing today to give you all an update on the City of Austin’s Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. With all the legislative chatter and court actions it is difficult to know where it stands and what is expected of businesses in Austin. As you may know, during the recent Legislative session the seemingly

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Thoughts on Predictive Scheduling? 3 Minute Survey

by Rebecca Melancon, Executive Director Several employee benefit issues are being brought before the Austin City Council for new regulation such as the Paid Sick Leave ordinance in February. AIBA is seeking to engage our members and the larger local business community in dialogue about possible upcoming issues with the intent of having a voice in

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Increased Fines for a Bad Attitude? This Devil is in the Details of Paid Sick Leave.

by Rebecca Melancon, Executive Director On February 15, the City Council passed the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance mandating specified paid sick days for all employees working within the city limits. (See City of Austin Mandated Paid Sick Leave Ordinance). The ordinance takes effect on October 1, 2018. The Rules for Investigation of Complaints and Assessment of Penalties has been issued and

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City of Austin Mandated Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

The City of Austin has proposed a policy that requires all businesses to provide paid sick leave to employees. The draft ordinance is now available and is scheduled for City Council action in mid February. Read the ordinance here.  AIBA polled our members to determine our position by asking for a support or oppose vote on

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Paid Sick Leave Survey Results

The Austin City Council recently approved a resolution calling for the City Manager to collect input from stakeholders about policies that would require businesses to provide paid sick leave for their employees. A set of specific proposed policies has not yet been announced. As the voice of local business, AIBA is part of the conversation

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