Our Advocacy is Spreading!

I am occasionally asked to speak to other business groups on a variety of topics. Its a great thing to do to spread the word about AIBA and I love connecting with other organizations. Recently I was asked to speak to two different groups on advocacy. I spoke at the Greater Austin Restaurant Association and to the Austin Founder Lions Club last week. Interesting that they both picked the topic of advocacy.
What I learned from these two groups is that businesses aren’t happy with our current city leaders and are interested in being more active. This is a good thing and I both encouraged them to become more active. After almost 15 years in City Hall advocacy for local business, I’m pleased to help lead the way for others. My talks are candid and direct and I hope lead to a greater level of activism.
Speaking of activism, the Austin Founder Lions Club is hosting the Ninth Annual Sporting Clay shoot-Out that benefits the Austin Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and are looking for teams to participate. If you’re interested in a shooting competition with NFL legends, this is for you. Fore more information and to register or sponsor, see the form online.