New Emergency Rules for Worksites

Last week, the Austin City Council approved two new public health ordinances in an attempt to reduce the continuing spread of COVID-19 in Austin and the surrounding areas. These new emergency rules are in effect now and will be in effect through November 12, 2020. Of note to business owners is that they include, in addition to specific requirements for construction sites, broader requirements for all work sites and individuals.
To increase compliance, failure to follow these public health requirements may result in legal action and civil penalties and could ever lead to a work site being identified as a Public Health Nuisance and becoming subject to civil suit. Individuals can be fined up to $2,000 per day if they do not follow the requirements. These new orders are an attempt to gain compliance from the public and give work site administrators rules to point to when dealing with customers, not to punish businesses.
The text of the rule that details the requirements for work sites is below. Highlights are face cover requirements, social distancing, cleaning, and signage. AIBA can help with resources to get and keep business owners in compliance with these new rules if needed. We are just a phone call or an email away.

3.2. A person in control of a site must:
3.2.1. require each individual to wear a face covering except as provided in 2.1.2;
3.2.2. clean and disinfect high touch items at least twice per day;
3.2.3. limit the number of individuals who gather or stand together to ten or less;
3.2.4. require at least six feet between groups of individuals except when the groups are seated at tables that are at least four feet apart and separated by a solid barrier;
3.2.5. conduct a general health pre-screening of each worker every day before the worker begins his or her shift;
3.2.6. keep toilets clean, sanitary and operational at all times and ensure proper disposal of waste from these facilities;
3.2.7. provide single use disposable paper towels and no-touch trash receptacles in restrooms and breakrooms;
3.2.8. mandate workers wash their hands for at least twenty seconds at the following times: before workers begin work; after workers remove gloves; before and after the use of shared items such as tools, electronic; devices or multi-user devices; before and after any meal or restroom breaks; and after a worker’s shift or work time ends; and
3.2.9. for workers confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, follow all directions from Austin Public Health concerning that worker and other workers that may have come in contact with the infected worker.
3.3. Signs required. A person in control of a site shall post:
3.3.1. at least one face covering signs at or near each entrance;
3.3.2. at least one Austin Public Health “Help Prevent Disease” signs at each entrance and on each restroom door (available for download and print at: ); and
3.3.3. where information for workers is customarily posted, at least one sign in English and at least one sign in Spanish that explains the requirement to remain at least six feet apart and the requirement to wear a face covering.