Lookie Lookie! Your new AIBA website is finally here

We are so excited to present the new, bigger, better, more engaging, exciting website. This new dynamic site promotes our members and AIBA so much better. 

• Latest From Your Locals, the popular promotion of members’ events and announcements is now on the front page. But that’s just the first glance. Latest From Your Locals is now displayed in a bolder and friendlier format. Make sure you’re included by sending us any events, sales or announcements you have. We are putting all of these on the AIBA Facebook page as well.

• AIBA Member Listings are more engaging and highlight each business better. The new search function allows site visitors easier, faster access to your listing! Behind this beautiful new face is also a new member management system. This new system will allow members to login to renew, change your listing or edit your information (see next bullet point). 

• New Member Login is a big part of the new member management system and is easy to use. You can find the login button in the top right navigation bar and in the footer of every page. Members will soon begin receiving invoices from this new system called Wild Apricot (We would rather have Wild Armadillos but the Apricots are pretty amazing). The invoices will look different but contain a link to login and renew. For existing members, the first time you login you will want to follow the “forgot my password” link to set a password for your account. In an effort to save trees and reduce our footprint, we will no longer be sending out paper invoices so be sure to watch your email. We’re still learning the system ourselves but it is a robust and flexible choice.

• IndieAustin is now highlighted at the bottom of the page with all the feature articles visible. 

• AIBA Events are now handled through our new system. The screens might look a little different but the RSVP process is the same. 

• The IBIZ District pages are embedded within the AIBA website and showcase our new Premiere IBIZ Merchants.

Visit. Check it out. Explore. Discover. It’s new and still a work in progress so let us know if you get lost somewhere or discover a broken link. 

I’d like to thank Julie Niehoff, Distance Learning Media, for creating this amazing system. She flowed right along with our angst, our excitement and our frustration at learning all new systems. Special kudos to our small but mighty team who put in several weeks of twelve hour days to get this launched on time.