Greetings Loyal Localists

While I wish this announcement was happening under different circumstances, I am nonetheless thrilled at the opportunity to carry on the great work that AIBA does for the Austin community. I am also cognizant of the HUGE shoes I have to fill in Rebecca’s absence – she grew this organization from merely an idea into a nationally recognized reality. I accepted the position prior to the pandemic and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work next to Rebecca as we navigated the first stages of this crisis together. If there ever was a trial by fire, this is it. That said, my commitment to AIBA and the local movement in Austin is stronger than ever in the face of this adversity. I am looking forward to the creative, enthusiastic work of rebuilding our community when this terrible wave passes.
My years of working with AIBA and with Rebecca in particular, have proven to be an ideal training ground that has allowed me to comfortably step into this larger role in the organization. My intimate knowledge of the inner workings of AIBA and my great relationship with you, our members, partners and supporters, will help to ensure a seamless transition. Our small but mighty team is amazing, self-sufficient, and reliable and I look forward to working with each of them in this new capacity. I bring with me passion for the local movement and experience that ranges from large corporation to small startup. My greatest strengths are empathy, organization, leadership and the ability to turn the ugliest lemons into sparkling lemonade.
I am here, equal parts anxious and excited, and ready do my part to carry on the great work of this vital organization. These are unprecedented times. We are here to help you navigate them. And we know one thing. Austin Will Survive.
~ E. Dixie Patrick
#AustinWillSurvive #AustinWillThrive #AustinTrue