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Turn Excess Inventory Into New Customers With Bargainer

Those at Bargainer know it’s a tough time for local businesses, and Bargainer wants to lend a hand. They are an Austin based startup app that lets local retailers use their excess inventory to find, and be found, by new customers in their community. Retailers simply post their items on the app and customers in

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Workplace Recovery Act/Alliance With Aro Group

Aro Group is working on a national project called the Workplace Recovery Alliance (WPA), a coalition of businesses pushing for the Workplace Recovery Act. The bill has been drafted and the team in D.C. is securing bipartisan cosponsors. The bill would pay ALL American businesses for operating losses due to the COVID crisis. The Workplace

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COVID Signage From MILLER Imaging & Digital Solutions

Reopening? Need COVID Signage? MILLER Imaging & Digital Solutions has got you covered! If you are considering opening your office or store, think through the graphics or measures needed to keep the distance. Signs may be needed outside, inside on your floors, doors, bathrooms, kitchens and more. Social distancing directional banners, floor adhesives, or coroplast

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Upskill From the Comfort of Your Couch 

You are invited to join us at one of our upcoming design thinking workshops: May 20-22 (general audience) and July 22-24 (health and healthcare professionals). Design thinking is an ideal framework for any professional who wants to create innovative solutions to challenging problems and to empower creativity and collaboration in your team. Learn More +

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City of Austin Economic Injury Bridge Loan

The Austin Economic Injury Bridge Loan Program provides loans up to $35,000 for daily needs like rent, payroll, and debt. Eligible local businesses must be able to demonstrate an economic loss associated with the COVID-19 global pandemic. The loan is intended to “bridge the gap” between the time a major catastrophe hits and when a

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Banners for Reopening from McCarthy Print

As businesses reopen, having proper Signage is a key marketing tool to direct customers to your current mode of operation and website to help increase your business. View options and pricing. If you are reopening your business within the next month, now is the time to get your Signs. Call to order now. Ask for

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