BSC COVID-19 Business Owners Weekly Support Group

The BSC COVID-19 Business Owner Support Group is a safe place to talk about business concerns, learn from others nationwide and share ideas, opinions, and your expertise each week. You can come and go. You don’t have to stay the whole time but you are welcome any time during the hour.
The meeting is  recorded and a link will be posted on the BSC Facebook page by the next day. We will try to get answers to any questions we can’t answer by the next meeting.
Meets Every Thursday Noon-1 Central Time through September ADD it to your calendar; it uses the same link each week.
There is space for 151 people to attend. You may get a message that all spaces are taken; disregard it. Gotomeeting recommends you change your browser. If you still have issues, please try logging in again or contact gotomeeting and give them our meeting access code.