BizAid Orientation and Coaching Services from the Small Business Division

The City of Austin Small Business Division has many amazing programs to support small and local businesses as they start, grow and re-imagine themselves in Austin’s ever changing business landscape. Two of these programs are the BizAid Business Orientation and the Coaching Services Program. Both programs are beneficial to prospective and current small business owners. Whether you’ve been in business for 20 weeks or 20 years, the knowledge of city services, business plan development and goal reviews offered here are invaluable.

The BizAid Orientation is a group program next offered on December 2nd. This no-cost class provides a topical overview of either opening a new small business or re-evaluating an existing business as it grows and changes course. This later scenario is, of course, particularly relevant as we learn to live within the confines of the current global pandemic. Business owners will learn key questions to consider when developing your business and discover the resources needed to reach the next level.

In addition to this amazing class, the Small Business Division also offers confidential, no-cost, one on one coaching services. Businesses can access business plan review and development assistance, marketing plan review and business management technical assistance along with a financial readiness assessment. All provided by our amazing city!

Details and registration for the next BizAid Business Orientation on December 2nd are available here and coaching services can be accessed by contacting Both services are available for for-profit business located within the Austin city limits. For non-profit businesses or those located outside Austin city limits, coaching is limited to 6 hours.