Austin Small Business Relief Grant Stats

The City of Austin’s Small Business Relief Grant Program awarded grants to 885 small and local businesses with a total of $16.2 million in funds dispersed. The demand far outstripped the supply of funds almost immediately, and 35% of applicants received funds.  The top sector, with 180 grants awarded, was Restaurants, Clubs and Bars with $4.3M in grants. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation businesses, with 101 grants awarded, received $1.4M followed by 104 Personal Care Services businesses who received $1.3M. Further details about the funding received by sector are available here.
This grant program provided much needed financial help to small and local businesses who were selected, but the need for more funding like this is urgent and ongoing. 
Austin City Council continues to explore other ideas to provide more assistance to Austin’s small and local businesses. Stay tuned for updates!
Global pandemic or not, AIBA works tirelessly to support and advocate for Austin’s local business community. Reach out to us via email at