AIBA Advocacy Reaches New Heights

We recently created a campaign for our May membership drive that we posted on Facebook. The campaign included an animated graphic of a gathering group of armadillos. Apparently Facebook thought our post was politically subversive and blocked us from boosting it. We even asked for a second review and were denied again. Armadillos a national threat? Are these gathering dillos preparing to interfere with national elections? Is the dillo an immigration issue?
We decided to investigate. Maybe it’s not our charging heard of fierce beastly dillos (oh, I mean our gathering gathering group of friendly Indy’s). Maybe it’s what we said. Our original copy read “Come join us in the only nonprofit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for locally owned businesses.” Seems benign. But we removed the word “advocates” and Facebook accepted it. 
I know our advocacy has made a difference in Austin but had no idea how powerful our voice really is. When your advocacy for local business is considered a national threat…WOW!
If you’re not yet a member, join us!