A Better Process

The Austin Independent Business Alliance, a nonprofit organization of local business owners, has a long history of advocacy in giving voice to independent business at the local level. We believe that, as an integral part of our community and the foundation of our local economy, independent businesses are not only an economic powerhouse but stewards of our culture.
As such, AIBA has formed a team to find a better path to local governance policies that affect our local businesses and our community. Our local governance processes should be inclusive of our whole community, not just segments of it. Recent experiences have left our community damaged, especially the local business community, and it leads AIBA to seek a better process in addressing issues. Our work will include carefully selected issues, but the goal is not to predetermine a position on the issue but to chart a course that is inclusive, deliberative and leads to a collaborative conclusion.
In this process, we will always follow where our members lead. We will involve AIBA members and the larger local business community in the discussion of ideal approach, clear assessment and critical thinking in creating a better process. We want to be leaders in proactively discussing community issues, rather than reacting to short sighted solutions. We want to improve the approach to local issues by thinking critically and encouraging a better process. Our work will then extend to the community at large in order to build consensus.
We believe that working together is, in itself, a better process. The Better Process Team has already begun community building and will be looking to include you soon.